Posted by: Vikram | September 16, 2008

Hmmm, We knew there was going to be an attack ….

The Home Minister, today said, that the Centre ‘knew’ about that blasts were going to take place in Delhi. But of course, since the information was not complete no action could be taken! Not even alerting the police to monitor crowded areas, inform shopkeepers to be on the lookout. This statement of course is nothing but a political gimmick to respond to Modi’s (equally gimmicky) claim to have informed the government about an impending attack. Does Shivraj Patil realise that his job comes with the responsibility of protecting people’s lives ? Does he realise how pathetic it sounds when after every attack, our government comes out and says, errrr, we knew that there was going to be an attack but we just did not when and where !!! You know who else knows that there was going to be an attack, 1130 million Indians. But unlike you, they dont have a 100 armed men to protect their precious lives.

Personally, I dont think there is much the government can do to stop these attacks in the short term. Think about how easy it is to climb aboard a crowded local in Mumbai, and leave a suitcase full of explosives there. I shudder to think of the scene inside a Mumbai local, with every passenger scouring his neighbour, to see if he/she is carrying his/her death. The terrorist groups have a dedicated, angry group of recruits to wreak havoc across the country. In the long term, uplift and justice for Muslims has to be a must, if for nothing else but cutting down the recruiting base for these organizations. I dont see what strict laws can achieve, the police are helpless anyways.

But it looks like the Bajrang Dal is hell bent on creating Christian terrorists too.



  1. Yes of course everyone knew it and that is how it is. There are a lot of people here that wants us to barricade ourselves like Israel has done. Of course what they do not understand is that India is not a homogenous society and it never can be one. The only way to solve such problems is to have a professional police. Look at the normal havaldar on the Indian street dirty, slovenly, out of shape and ill mannered. The police inspire zero confidence in the state here. I have seen better looking cops in our neighbouring countries. You may ask how is it related but security is basically in the mind. People here think twice before going to the cops if they see something out of place.

  2. Vikram, your anger is justified; Odzer’s observations are valid. Our police is best avoided.

    Terrorism needs to be dealt with ruthlessly, just like the US did after 9/11, by going for the jugular that was in Afghanistan. What has India done to Pakistan for 20 years? Forget Pakistan, even Bangladesh knows India does not have the will to hit back.

    It’s good to be goody-goody only when everyone around you plays by the same rules. We continue to be so even when we being repeatedly hit viciously. Let us not make the blood of innocent Indians so cheap.

  3. Shivraj patil is a yes man – he has been one for a very long time and is an ardent supporter of the family
    he was given the post not due to his capability byt because of his closeness to madam
    all he cares about is her comfort , infact he ferried her around india on Defence planes because he can get a free ride – such is the dedication ..

    Bajrang dal is a radical bunch
    but the question one should ask here is why now all of a sudden – christians and hindus resided in mangalore without any problems for a long long time i know that for a fact

    some blame should be borne by land grabbing born again christians too

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