Posted by: Vikram | October 7, 2008

The Mumbai ‘rave’ party: What happened to A Wednesday ?

Just, a few weeks ago a movie called A Wednesday was released across India, that endorsed vigilantism, i.e. kill suspected terrorists without a trial because you know they are terrorists after all, I mean who cares about a fair trial right ?

The movie was hailed by much of India’s ‘middle class’, but the love for vigilantism seemed to disappear when the anti-narcotics bureau conducted a raid on an upscale Mumbai bar. They took the people in the bar to the hospital for a narco-test (this is not an arrest) and found that many, including disgraced ‘actor’ Shakti Kapoor’s son might have taken some drugs. Of course, Mumbai’s elites and The Times of India are out with pieces like, ‘Rave party arrests: Punishment before proof’ , ’15 hr detention or illegal arrest’, the teenagers showed defiance by manhandling the police and other media persons etc etc. Mind you this was the same media that had convicted and prosecuted many a citizen for simply being in the vicinity of an NRI woman who was being molested (contrast this with the scant attention the English media pays to the rapes and murders Dalit women face across India).

It wont be long before they start blaming this on reservations too …. 🙂


  1. TOI suxx….

    Shakti Kapoors son is a villian in real life…

    Long live SP Vishwas Nangre Patil..

  2. Hmmm but not everything in India is about Dalits! We do not even think about them so much 🙂

    Anyway that movie was terrible. I said so at that time as well. I agree the Indian middle class is swayed like a date palm in the wind, sometimes this side and sometimes the other. All you need is some emotional stuff, they fall right for it each time.

  3. I agree with you Vikram… there are double standards all round, particularly in the media.

  4. I have been reading great reviews so far, but haven’t seen the movie. And about rave parties I think police loves to catch the rich, I wish they would focus a little more on issues like terrorism, crimes against women and senior citizens, even corruption, but they love rave parties, bar girls and prostitution.

  5. @ Vikram : Oh thats a nice photo of you running there. Hope you do well for the run for india. My best wishes and full support.

    Thanks odzer. Your support will help a lot. I will write more about AID in up coming posts.

    Btw, the links are working now.

  6. More than two hundred arrested in a rave party in Mumbai. Last year a rave party busted in Pune.

    This is symptomatic of a section of society, that is becoming increasingly dysfunctional.

    As the younger generation strays away from its roots (seen as fashionable or modern) coupled with little or no parental interaction / support, we are staring at very scary possibilities.

    I believe media is biased, openly takes sides and does not find it unethical indulging in half truths. The English media is all about India and has no time for Bharat.

  7. I agree with Mavin on the point that Indian Media is biased and “The English media is all about India and has no time for Bharat”.

    Where do you think this bias is rooted? Does it have nothing to do with the way we school and raise our children, Vikram?

    Increasingly these days I realize with horror what is happening at Eng Medium Schools, how we contribute to the growing bias ourselves, as educators, in casual remarks like, “Yeh sarkari school wallah assignment nai chalega, go re-do it, please” as if there ( and in fact – there is!) a difference in standards. Private schools are extremely conscious and graft it into the psyche of a child growing up here.

    This one would become an editor later and what do you expect exactly? You reap as you sow mostly, nai?

    The divide is particularly noticeable when you study closely how languages are used, politicized and taught 🙂 Do give it a thought, please, would love to see a post from you on the subject.

  8. Am going to come back here and read ur American College Culture posts – am extremely interested in that.

  9. And that banner is gorgeous, whatever is IT? What place, what source, you took that picture, looks like a professionally doen movie still! 🙂

  10. And that banner is gorgeous, whatever is IT? What place, what source, you took that picture, looks like a professionally done movie still! 🙂

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