Posted by: Vikram | November 8, 2008

Itching to forgive ?

The ‘world’ reaction to Obama’s victory left me quite amused. Only a week ago my American friends dared not tell locals that they were from Texas while visiting Europe. And now the America is the land of hope ? And I thought the Indian middle classes were fickle 🙂 .

The ‘world’ which is supposedly very ‘responsible’, partied as the UN was unable to protect refugees in Congo from a brutal civil war. The former colonists (Belgium) were too busy cheering for Obama, rather having the courage to clean up their Congo act. And now Obama is supposed to solve the world’s problems. This is highly unlikely. Obama, for all his charisma and eloquence does not have the administrative experience that McCain did. Hope is easy but change is not.

Had McCain chosen a different vice-presidential pick, the result might have been very different, not because of race, but because of good judgement. He succumbed to the pressure of the retards in his own party (and the media, which kept emphasizing his age), and the American people made him pay the price.

But, I will remember from now on that Europeans, Japanese and all the other nations that used this election result to party, are much more hypocritical than America will ever be. If they were not, they would have either supported the war for a free Iraq or opposed America till they paid full reparations to the Iraqi people, no matter who the president was. But no, in one sweep, American’s have apparently cured their country’s racial wounds and healed the wounds they inflicted on foreign lands. It seems they were just itching to ‘forgive’ America. I wonder how the world will react to a Dalit PM in India, itching to forgive or itching to ignore ?



  1. Well said, Vikram…hope is easier than change. But, I must admit that I believe that change is a lot easier to bring about when there is more hope than cynicism. Let us see the team that Obama picks. His VP is a good choice as his COS, Rahm.

    You might be surprised at some of the antics of the extreme right wing of the Republican party, they basically cost McCain this election. They dont seem that different from some parties in India sometimes. A lot of the Republicans here are very calm and rational people who basically believe very strongly in free market capitalism. I am not a very ‘conservative’ person myself, but I would have seriously thought about voting for McCain, because of his great experience. Also, you may not know this, but McCain was quite a ‘maverick’ within the Republican party, he would have been a very different president than Bush. But I have nothing against Obama, his campaign and victory are tremendous achievements. Lets hope there is more of the same in his term.

  2. Vikram if nothing else the American elections and voters have shown us how elections should be held, how Policies and not caste/religion should be the reason for choosing our leaders. Obama stands for the power of the voter, for peace, for Gandhian values, for equality, for voter’s involvement, we are a Democracy like America, there’s no harm in learning from their mistakes and their victories.

    I cant disagree IHM. We have to learn from every possible country actually, because our problems are extremely challenging.

  3. @ vikram : hmmmmm may be Bush became a symbol for the neo-con policies that he put in to place on his own behest or others. May be people were just partying because now they are hopeful things may just change. I do not know.

    You are right to a great extent, but an honest critic, would not back down till he actually saw the change happening. All I will say is, dont expect much from Obama.

    I will be honest. I do not really care about the US elections. In fact I am bored of them. I am just surprised that the newspapers here ignore Indian news and publish a full page “Blah Blah is US president”. Who cares! I have plastic bags to deal w/ here! he he he.

    Anyway about Belgium I think the country is itself on the verge of breaking up. I am sure that in the next decade the dutch part will go back in to Holland and the French part will join France. They have no time to deal with Congo.

    I heard something about that. I dont know too much about Belgium, but I guess I now know that there is no language called Belgian. 🙂

  4. half of democratic and half of republican ..if it was possible i would do that. apart from the elections, obama is the face of hope and change as he is says and that is why the jubiliation. will his actions be louder than words? obama inherits a dark and gloomy country. what kind of platforms can he build to strengthen. people are already scared of the rising taxes, loss in the police force and decreaing budgets to schools. NY is starting a 5 cents on plastic bags..go figure.
    even if obama does not do much, at least the minorities will believe in the phenomena of possibilities. meanwhile i will have to figure out how am i going to deal with the rising taxes

  5. I find the reaction to Obama’s victory a little hysterical. I do not think that we in India should feel inferior either. We have a history of colonization, foregn invaders, and our population is indigenously diverse. Plus our democracy is only 60 years old. I am proud of India’s democracy with all its problems!

    Yes Nita, and lets hope our country continues to live upto its democratic ideals. There is a lot more we can be potentially be proud of !

  6. Like Nita, I feel there’s lot of hype created around Obama’s victory. Infact last year when i was a student of journalism, our professor noted that a third world country like India and Pakistan had a woman leader, whereas a first world country like US has never seen a Woman President (and the recent selection of Obama over Hilary as the candidate) was one of the justifications for my professor’s justification. We still need to see how does Obama manage to handle the surging crisis in US.

    I think Mayawati would be a better example of a woman leader than Gandhi was. But frankly we are quite a ways off when it comes to gender equality, in any sphere of life.

  7. Hmm, a voice of reason in the midst of all the Obama-love happening in the world, even before he starts his new job. So much of the presidential campaign and the candidates is about hype and marketing – speechwritiers, PR, stylists.McCAin would indeed have won with a better team, and might have done a fine job too.

    I agree with Nita, India has a lot of firsts to be proud of , including women PMs and Presidents, a Dalit and a Muslim as former Presidents. And our current PM has his own strengths, even if his voice is drowned out by the rabble aroud him.

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