Posted by: Vikram | December 1, 2008

Of winters and monsoons

Must say me and father winter dont get along very well. I do like to see the change in vegetation here as seasons change, but apart from that its a damn nuisance. I dont know why people like wearing those fancy clothes during winter, I just get sick of it the very second day, give it up and freeze the rest of the winter. Its better than carrying 10 extra pounds of weight. Plus not seeing the sun sucks. Even now it gets dark at 5 (in Jan its by 4) and I cant ride my bike without my eyes being covered in tears. I guess coming from Mumbai, where the average temperatures only range from 23-25 C in Jan to about 29-30 C in May, I am accustomed to warmer climes, but I am really puzzled when people start raving about the winter for the most oddball reasons like the kind of clothing they can wear.

I wonder what non-Indians would think about the monsoon. It rains as much here in a whole year as it did in Mumbai in a month and a half of the monsoon. I think monsoons can drive people insane. No sun, almost continuous rain, flooded streets, disease, walking through water that probably contains everything you would never want to walk in. My reaction to monsoons was similar to winter, I liked the first two days and then I would just say f#$@ it, I am not wearing those gumboots, and who cares if you are wet.

Warm and sunny is good for me 🙂 .


  1. @ Vikram : I love winters for somethings. The soups and the roasts. The ability to snuggle under a blanket. Although I hate the monsoons. Especially the sticky, terrible heat.

    For some reason monsoons in Mumbai are not hot, certainly not as much as the north. The temperatures generally range between 22 and 30 C, and for me that is fine, but its the near constant rain that annoyed me.

    I guess part of the reason I dont like winter is that I feel like I really cant give my body a decent workout. I really miss the feeling of coming back after a game of soccer in the summer and plunging into a bottle of juice or soda. But mainly I hate the extra clothing.

  2. Must be a difference in what you were brought up with. moderate warm weather of course allows for more outdoor activity, but indeed snuggling up in blankets or a warm sweater for that matter, holding a big cup of hot chocolate or rich soup has nostalgic value for me as well… It could be as simple as being brainwashed by adverts etc. which teach you that those type of things are “cosy”… Basically it gives us lazy people an excuse for not going out much and pigging out on heavy food 🙂

    The clothing thing is just a habit I guess. In India I used to hate the fact that most of the year I couldn’t wear anything comfortably at all, because it’s constantly hot so you feel sticky. Plus you end up looking like a sweaty slob…

    I actually quite like rain.. the stormier the better 🙂 another product of childhood nostalgia.

  3. I have no idea how people in India survive the monsoon season-I don’t think I’d be able to get out of bed for the whole season.

    It is funny–last Christmas my husband and I went back to MN to spend the holiday with my family. He actually adapted to the cold better than me!

    I think I’ll eventually end up in a desert somewhere.

  4. I absolutely cant tolerate the cold, even though I was brought up in cold winters! Now where I live is slightly less cold, but I was already complaining(whining) yesterday that I cant take a whole winter of this. BRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    I like rain, but monsoon, hmmm, I wouldnt like walking in it.

  5. Me too love the summer season very much as I will be able go anywhere without worrying about the weather. But as odzer said winter bring its own set of comforts like sleeping under the blanket, enjoying a hot soup….

  6. @ hedonist666 : Yes, I guess a lot of it is where you are brought up. But I feel that people’s reasons for liking summer are more pro-active (being able to go out, excercise etc) than the reasons for liking winter, which seem more psychological.

    @ MmeetsK : Yes, the monsoons are crazy. And they are going to get even crazier with climate change.

    @ Mirchi : Welcome. Exactly my thoughts.

    @ Kanagu : I second you wholeheartedly.

  7. I grew up in the evergreen North East (Arunachal, Assam, Nagaland) and therefore love the rainy season – it can be lyrically beautifully up in the hills where I was, all ferny and mossy and fresh – like eating ice-cream with your eyes 🙂

    But when we came down to Kolkata, grrh, depression rains – learned to hate it in the plains 🙂
    Like Hedonist says, depends on how one grows up. but summer was bad in the north east as well as Gangetic Plains, sweltering hot, me melting all over.

    BTW, have u noticed all the cities that the British built here have bad drainage 🙂 Kol-Mum-Chenn

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