Posted by: Vikram | December 27, 2008

What Mumbai needs to learn from Ghaziabad, UP …

Just this much ….

So when are Mumbaikars taking out dharnas to take control of their own city ?



  1. Vikram, Mumbai has something akin to this, a strong citizen’s movement, better than I have seen in any city of India. A lot of NGO’s and local committees, groups, ex cops, and even colonies are working towards better governance. I always give these example to my friends in Pune,which has hardly anything of this sort. One group even dumped the garbage in their lane in front of the municipality’s office.
    But Mumbai’s problems are huge and it’s going to take a lot of time to solve them.

  2. Welcome to my blog, unpre (are you okay with that short form ?).

    Local self government can easily turn out to be mob-rule and result in lynching.

    Well, the idea is relative local government, not absolute. Let me give you an example, if my child studies in district X, and the school there is absolutely shoddy, I cannot hope to change things by voting for a different state government. The political career of local politicians has to depend on me to ensure that my franchise results in my voice being heard. Obviously in matters of law and order a higher tier of government can supersede the lower tier in certain circumstances.

    What about private judicial system? Kiran Bedi is trying hard to make a point on that like.
    See this The prospects of Private judicial System

    Justice is by definition supposed to be handled by an agency that is neutral. The very notion of a ‘private’ justice system is thus contradictory. We cant solve all of our country’s problems by privatizing everything in sight.

    I have mentioned the ills of panchayat raj and local self government there too.

    By the way, recently there was a march out to demand for Gun Rights in Bangalore.

    Why cannot Mumbaikars demand for their RIGHT TO SELF-DEFENSE?
    How logical it is to keep the honest hardworking citizens forcibly unarmed to be victimized by the criminals, bullies and terrorists who will never heed any gun control law?

    Does this make sense to you?

    By the way, think over it. If you were in Hotel Taj on 26th of Nov. and you had a licensed hand gun, might you have tried to save someone? what if almost every second person had a safety weapon?

    I am not opposed to gun rights in principle. But your notion that arming citizens will protect them against terror attacks is flawed, principally because most terror attacks are blasts, not fidayeen style attacks. There is not much armed civilians can do to protect themselves from such attacks.

    Even in the case of a fidayeen attack, given that heavily armed commandos took days to neutralize these guys, armed civilians wouldnt have had much of a chance. A Kalashnikov has better range, firing rate and these guys are well trained.

    And well again coming towards your point of Local government, see, the Impasse of democracy is, voting is not the solution, it is the killer

    A mob of majority decides if a person should have a gun for his own safety or not.

    Btw, it is not that difficult to get a gun in India anyways, just ask people in Bihar. 😉

  3. Btw, it is not that difficult to get a gun in India anyways, just ask people in Bihar.

    I myself am a native of UP Aligarh, living in MP, and I have enough knowledge about Gaya, Ranchi, Patna, Gwalior Bhind Murena or any place in northern India.

    If you look at it, you will find that even in Bihar, only the honest citizen CANNOT hold guns.

    Reason being, police can torment and maraud the honest and oppressed citizen alone.

    About fidayeen, if you have a way out you can certainly help out the situation. Not having is simply closing the possible way.

    It is so easy for you to oppose the Gun Right as you are doing right now. But than you and the similar ilk demand for better guns and arms for police too.

    If a common honest citizen cannot do anything against a fidayeen terrorist, why do you expect anything from police, army or commandos?

    can you realize the hypocrisy?

    Imagine a Fidayeen terrorist driving a truck towards a market street on a busy day with a bomb in the truck and intentions to blast himself and truck and almost 250-300 innocent people and you are on the other side of the street with your GUN. Anyhow if you come to realize, or any other person with a gun, that the teorrorist is gonna kill whole lot of market, what will you do?

    Can you do anything?

    yes you can. You can abort the terrorist mission by simply killing the terrorist or even by shooting at him and tyres, at least you can try to do so, you may get success.

    With no guns with you, what most can you do? 5 minutes before dieing in the fidayeen attack, you may call the police yes.

    The police will arive after 30 minutes of your and other 250 people’s demise.

    (Extremely sorry for the wrong/bad taste example)

    But what i mean to say is, it is always good in any situation to have a way out for self-defense, to have a way for fighting against the evil.

    And that is the main reason people want good arms and helmets and bullet proof jackets for Police

    What do you think? we pay less taxes to get good amunition for security forces and police? NO we pay alot. Even government alloted alot money for restructuring of Mumbai police, all was wasted in useless things. its a known fact.

    And such inefficiencies are inevitable becos of monopoly of state.

    So why wasting money on an inefficient security system? rather invest your money in getting a tool to safeguard yourself in difficult situation and others too.

    In stead of wanting police to be more brave and responsible, try to take responsibility to safeguard yourself, your family and your neighborhood by yourself.

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