Posted by: Vikram | January 2, 2009

Dont be surprised …

if you hear one of our Chief Ministers saying this some time soon,

We believe that God prearranged food and clothing for every man and woman he created. If we give up the ways of the God and devise our own solutions to perceived problems we may land in trouble.

I read this quote in Ahmed Rashid‘s ‘Descent Into Chaos‘ which I am half way through. It was made by Akram Durrani, CM of Pakistan’s NWFP. He is from the Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, as Islamist party active in Pakistan’s North West.



  1. These are the kind of people who are distorting their religion in every possible way and bringing ruin to their country. Perhaps the book should have been titled “Crescent Into Chaos”

  2. @ Vikram : Sounds like a very good explanation of Karma. Although the human life is an experience and everyone has a different experience. Think of it like a trip on magic mushrooms, some people have a nice one and some people do not. After all what is life except a grand delusion?

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