Posted by: Vikram | January 29, 2009

What would you do with 500 Rs ?

Well 500 Rs = approximately 10 $, so thats probably 1.5 meals here in the US for me 🙂 . When I was younger I might have said that “adha mummy ko dedunga baki Uncle Chips aur Pepsi par kharch kar dunga” 🙂 .

P.S: This blog is becoming less and less academic, trust me, Professor Vikram will be back with a vengeance soon.


  1. Honestly speaking,i feel really sad after watching this clip..

    Those kids are poor for no reason of theirs.How many of us can track back our blessings and aceivements to our own efforts?

    thanks for sharing.Next time,i will remember these kids..

  2. Very touching video…I have seen it earlier on TV.

  3. You are a professor?
    I thought you were a PhD candidate, are you done with your doctorate?

  4. @ Vikram : Oh you are sinking ever deeper in to guilt leh! Well if I had 500 INR first I would check to see if it was a bank note printed in India or in Pakistan. Never know these days…. and then I would probably use it to go for a nice dinner. We pay enough taxes every day, the question is what does the government do with all that education cess that it is getting? The answer to that would be interesting.

  5. @ Nimmy, yes not many. Almost everyone in India who is well off or Indians abroad are generally upper caste Hindus or Sikhs. People dont realize how real caste and prejudice are even today.

    @ Tazeen no no that was in jest. 🙂 I am quite a while away from finishing my PhD.

    @ No no, this is nothing about guilt. I just thought this was a nice video. And I agree with you on taxes, but do our duties end there ?

  6. it is the price that i pay to get into the city and out everyday with $2 to spare. And if i choose to walk 25 minutes to the station everyday with $10 bucks i can get into the city and out 2.5 times.

    the way you quote the reports with earnest you are a professor, you don’t have to wait for the title -:)

    Thanks Anrosh. It would be nice to have the real title some day though. Makes you think about the relative cost of transport in Mumbai vs New York. The bus and train tickets were almost negligible for the middle class, although for the very poor they can be quite significant depending on the distance.

  7. I always remember taking a PASS since I started going to college. The first class tickets are Atrocious for the pricy square feet.

    Yes I used a pass too. And I was talking about cost in terms of distance and less in terms of comfort. Yes, the journey was never comfortable, and the new rakes have helped a little bit though, according to my mom.

  8. Really a touching video Vikram. I am also expecting the professor vikram to return to give me some wonderful insights 🙂

  9. My first time here I guess.

    That was a touching video.

    The price of someone’s haircut/ Hollywood movie = The price of someone’s school fees/ration/


  10. @ Kanagu, thanks man. I will try. See if you like my post on SRK.

    @ Welcome Solilo. That is the truth today, in most of our planet 😦 .

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