Posted by: Vikram | April 23, 2009

India: Democracy or Despotism ?

India’s national motto is ‘Satyameva Jayate’ (सत्यमेव जयते) but Indians refuse to hear or see the truth.


  1. @Vikram,Thanks for such video which brings analytical comparison for democracy and despotism.The failure of Pakistan as a state can be best seen through this analytical thinking.I think people in India are doing well in term of economic distribution, power and information scale.The rise of middle class shows patch up of elite and lower level by working as buffer between them. Yes,there are worrying signs of farmer suicide cases but schemes like Narega and Panchayat syatem are giving power distribution to lower classes. But on the scale of respect ,we are heading towards despotism.The communal rift has been increased due to unjust decisions taken for sake of minorities here. Right wing Hindu Activist find more support to convince majority for their deeds due to impotency of secular governments .Shahbano case or Bangladeshi ‘s infilteration is neglected by pseudo secular goverments, then people lose faith in middle path idealogy.They become more tenated towards extremism asking for extreme measures.Those extremist got chance to spread their hate message to carry their propaganda forwards.
    Overall,the sight is not so gloom but its long way to go.Also Iran,China and Russia should be sent such video for their comrades. 😀

  2. We have a long way to go.As long as we continue with the present power hungry netas,they will go to any extent for votes.Himanshu is right about Bangladeshis.We seem to be having another Afzal Guru inthe making out of Kasab.This attitude hasto change if we really want a change

  3. @ Himanshu, Chowla saab, you are absolutely spot on about respect in Indian society and its political space. On the one hand political actions are exacerbating communal rifts. On the other hand, within Hindu society even as lower castes earn ‘respect’ through political means, society in general is becoming more materialistic and less value-based.

    It can be said that on the power scale, power has shifted somewhat to the masses due to the long period of democracy but an increasingly neo-liberal state make such shifts less and less relevant to the general well-being of the society.

  4. @ Vikram : Oh how I love watching classic videos. As for India it is a Shamocracy 🙂

  5. very informative video. thanks!

    You are welcome Reema. 🙂

  6. […] Continued here: India: Democracy or Despotism ? […]

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