Posted by: Vikram | December 23, 2010

Running down a dream: My Run for India

Its that time of the year again !

As you might know, I have been volunteering with the Austin chapter of the Association for India’s Development (AID). AID is engaged in many activities relating to development in India. These include supporting grass roots development work through funds, spanning a wide spectrum of areas including education, health and the environment.

As part of my association with AID, I have been coordinating projects relating to education, specifically math education. The first project I coordinated, Kanakkil Kondattam (Celebration of Math) concluded in January 2010 and was an overwhelming success. Not only did the project accomplish its goals of improving the learning levels of 8000 middle school students but the Tamil Nadu government invited AID to write to the sixth standard textbooks for all the children in that state. And now, all sixth grade students in TN are benefiting from the improved techniques and material AID developed.

Now this project is being expanded to cover 500 districts and 600 villages across Tamil Nadu and Bihar. Its span is being broadened to include all school subjects. As in previous years, I am running the Austin half marathon to raise funds to for this project. My efforts are part of a campaign to raise funds for 250 of these villages – and a group of donors from the US have agreed to match all funds we raise to support the other 250.

I need your support and each dollar counts. Please visit my Run For India page ( to learn more and help educate the next generation of Indians better.

Coverage of the program on Indian version of the Wall Street Journal:
Awards and recognition for AID India, the NGO implementing the project:

The race is on the 20th of February, and I am still deciding between the half and full marathons. Half would be too easy I feel, full would be a challenge but might get in the way of other goals 😛


  1. sorry for the skepticism.. but could you provide some source for the govt inviting AID to write the 6th standard text book .. As someone in TN and associated with education i find it hard to believe.

    NOTE: I do not qualify to criticize the work of either AID or sampath. They do great work and all the best for your marathon..

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